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About the Designer

Susan Holstein ModMoxGoods.com
I am a Graphic Design Pro 
(see moxilla.com for portfolio if you need graphics work)
and I love to make stuff!

My daughter got me hooked on hunting for vintage Pyrex bowls and bakeware. She asked me to make a pair of potholders to go with her new collection. So that is where it started and I became OBSESSED with all the fabulous colors and patterns and shapes of Pyrex as well as other collectibles such as Hazel Atlas, Cathrine Holm and more.

As a person on the Autism Spectrum, (I am an AspienGirl) I became so absorbed in all of this that I decided to finally make my own website after a year and half of selling elsewhere online or in-person.

I enjoy making your dreams come true so if you have an idea of what YOU need to complement you collection, get in touch! 

I welcome wholesale enquiries or press :)